Availment Procedures

Procedure For In-Patient

Step 1

Member proceeds to an IWC Accredited Hospital for an admission order and presents his/her IWC Card.

Step 2

For Hospital w/ Medisystem: staff will generate IWC Letter of Eligibility through Medisystem. For Hospitals w/o Medisystem: staff will call IWC Call Center hotlines to secure Letter of Eligibility.

Step 3

Admitted member will be visited by IWC Liaison Officer.

Step 4

For hospitals w/ Medisystem: Hospital staff will generate a Letter of Guarantee through Medisystem upon discharge. For hospitals w/o Medisystem, staff will call IWC Call Center to secure Letter of Guarantee. Member will pay charges in excess of the amount of coverage, if there is any.

Procedure For Out-Patient

Step 1

IWC Member proceeds to any IWC accredited clinics for Out-Patient availment.

Step 2

Member presents IWC card to clinic staff.

Step 3

Member may proceed now to an IWC doctor.

Procedure For IWC Owned Clinics


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